Abyss: the Wraiths of Eden HD App Reviews

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Very entertaining!

Would have given it 5 stars, except for the way the characters talked!

Love this type of game!

Love this type of game! I only have one problem- I purchased this app on my computer, but when my computer broke down, the app turned up not purchased


I cannot upload this game and I paid for it before. It won’t upload ever since the iOS upload. Please help. Thanks


I like the game but it was not worth 6.99. I will stick to Haiku with there free and fun game. I am feeling played.


As soon as I paid for the full version it stopped working with the software update on my iPad

Highly Recommend- top notch

I've only found a couple hidden object games which I loved and this was one of them. The quality of the gameplay, characters, ambience, puzzles. Top-notch. I wish I could easily find more like this. Please make a part two with the same team of developers! I loved it! Please update for iOS 11. I play this game repeatedly because it is so well done!

Needs update

First off I love this game, i already played it once. Now i just updated the operating software for my iPad, then tried to play abyss: the wraiths of eden. The game would not open and said “the developer of this app needs to update it to work with IOS 11.0.1”.... So a update for this app would be greatly appreciated thank you.

Can't wait for the sequel

This is a great game and I really liked that it had a guide to help when you get stuck. I wish it lasted longer and there were some hidden things in the puzzle that you didn't see without the guide. Over all the game was fun, engaging and had an ending.


I like the game, i like the side games, and the fact that it gives you an alternative to playing the mini games. however it doesn't give you a lot of direction in where to go, so thats a little frustrating.

Scary Fun

I love these games and how this one is a little like bioshock, very cool

Wraths of Eden

Love this game! Great blend of games, hidden objects etc. Keep the games coming!!


Game is a lot fun and good use of my time

Scary Fun

Even demons shouldn't get between a woman and her true love! Fun & scary game. Amazing graphics!


I play this game and it was the best in my iPad


Fun and engaging


Highly addictive. Great graphics and storyline. I really enjoyed playing and looking forward to continuing the game.

Awesome game

I love this game!!!

Love it

Love it

great game

loved it!!


Fun game

Maps don't work..pain going back and forth

Nice games, easy but if the maps don't let u transport I don't want to buy.


My favorite game since the Enigimatics series - also by Artifex Mundi. Top rate graphics and animation, interesting storyline and enjoyable mini games. I found Some of the HOS really challenging which I enjoyed. The bonus game is a little short but the primary game is very long so you can't really complain. Highly recommend!!

So goooooood

This game is soo amazing and really good, i recommend to buy it!

Rath of Eden

Very intertaining , it kept my interest.

Abyss review

Great balance between ability to progress and difficulty

Pretty good

I enjoyed the scenes and story, though the husband is a bit cheesy, but hey the wife holds it together like in many households! LOL. I didn't like the creepy mouths of characters you talk to though - not the matching to words but just that they looked creepy, even the little girls...can be fixed I would think tho pretty easily?? Kept my interest, but ready to move on already to another chapter? Quest? Whatever there is...?

Love this game

This game rocks! I'm playing it twice in a row please tell me they are making a sequel or a MMO!


This is very exciting,amusing and a little horrible. I love it.


Pretty good


2nd game from this group, and not disappointed at all. Take the time and enjoy! I know I will with more of these! Enjoy!

Great Graphics

I enjoy this game. The graphics are some of the best I have seen and it kept me interested the entire time. Recommend this game.

Brain Exercise !!!

Love this game! Engaging, challenging great graphics.


I found it to be a great seek and find want more


Love it! More like this would thrill my would.


Very entertaining.

Good times

I had a lot of fun with this one. I'm in my mid 60's. Good for the old gray matter.

Truly great

I wish I never started playing these cause now I can't put them down! Excellent games!

I want a sequel!!!!!

I love this game; it is the best game ever!!! I have constantly checked for a sequel, but it has not come out!!! I want a sequel, please!!!😭


So enjoyed playing this with my grandson Michael, he did really well for a 6 year old


Fun but storyboards are kind of all over the place.

Love these games


More please

I love these games. Too bad it's $6.99 to unlock the next game(abyss)

The abyss

I had fun

Totally worth it

Only $7 game I've paid for that actually ended up being worth it! Totally engaging and doesn't feel juvenile once you've put up real money.


Fun. Want more!

Great game

This was a good game and I really enjoyed playing it. I just wish the map was interactive. Maybe next game?!


I have played this game to the end twice now and haven't tired of it. It's addicting and the puzzles are just right!


I truly enjoyed this game!


This game is amazing! I have to say that the overall games from the G5 creators is MUCH MUCH more amazing than the other company! Once you start playing a game you become addicted! I HATED Hidden Object games before, but then I found these G5 games, and have EVERYONE of them now! And about to start another one. Hope that all the games soon have sequels to them!


I thought the game was a thriller. With a story and mystery that makes you jump of your seat it's a great game

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